Guest Post Guidelines

Guest posts are welcome. Please send them to "". 

It will be deeply appreciated if the following guidelines can be kept in mind:

  1. Subject Area: Please send only criminal law, procedure, and evidence related pieces. Errantry is welcome, though it should have some link with these themes, tenuous as that may be.
  2. Submission Policy: Please do disclose if the piece has been posted elsewhere earlier and you wish to cross-post here.
  3. Word Limit: Ideally not more than 2500 words 
  4. Sources: Please do not footnote and instead just hyperlink your sources in-line and make sure that the links work. Please hyperlink even basic legal provisions in statutes, not to mention cases etc.
  5. Turnaround time: I will try and revert within a week, and there are usually some edits that follow. If you have gone ahead and published elsewhere in the meanwhile, please do let me know. 
Thank you for your support for the blog and continued readership!