Thursday, November 20, 2014

Occupying Vacant Spaces

The current academic environment in India has led to the emergence of a rather gaping hole when it comes to writing about the criminal law. Law reviews in India are either concerned with publishing work by foreign authors, or providing critical comparative essays that have a foreign element. Practical legal writing seems to have become passe, and something relegated to the blogosphere.

This addition to that sphere wishes to engage more people in the criminal law of India. There are no internal limits which I am imposing for the writing in this space. Everything and anything related to the Title of the blog is important, obviously including writing on the very nature of an offence. 

This blog not only tries to serve an informative purpose, but is also a space where I can discuss arguments and ideas that I come across or develop during the course of my work as a practicing Advocate in Delhi, specialising in criminal defence work. So yes, my selfish motives nicely balance the purported acts of altruism on my part.

I do hope that this blog does not die out soon, unless taken down :)

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